Saturday 14 July 2012

Tiny Visitors

It seems that there are a lot of little insects around lately and they really like our white potentilla. I found over ten different species in about 30 seconds, but I couldn't get photos of them all. There were big bumblebees, tiny native bees, hover flies, beetley things, and others.

Little bumblebee.
Hover fly  - this is a wasp mimic, but don't be fooled
 - no antenna - no stinger!

Look at this little native bee and the amount of pollen it has packed into its pollen pockets. Incredible!

This is a bumblebee nest out behind the honey house. I was hoping the queen would step out for a photo shoot, but she was camera shy. This nest is just a compact little ball of grass about 15 cm in diameter. There are little openings in the grass that she uses as a nest entrance. We put the wooden hive lid back over her nest to keep her protected. She has a nice little spot back there.

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