Tuesday 10 July 2012


Well, this year has been memorable so far. We have not had a bear problem for at least 10 years and this spring we had three yards hit.  Some more than once.  Lost a few hives and equipment, but nothing really horrific.  We set up electric fences around the yards, which is working so far.  A friend showed us a picture of a grizzly taken about a mile from one of the yards, but we don't think that was the bear causing us trouble. The game warden came out and set up a bear trap and a trail camera in one of the yards, but he never got a picture.  We think we zapped the bear with the electric fence and she went away before he got the trap set.  The bear came back a couple of weeks later, but we still had the electric fencer on (solar).  You could see all the grass trampled where she had been.

Not exactly Winnie the Pooh!


  1. We used to pick raspberries at a farm with electric fences to keep cows in place. My sisters and I would dare each other to touch the fence and get zapped ... youch!

    Pretty cool that there is a solar option. Does it still give the same charge? Bzzzzzwap!

  2. I think that this year is successful for you, for your animals and for your farm in general. I wish you all the best in the future!


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