Saturday 19 August 2017


We have filled the 7 kg pails and I'm filling the smaller containers this weekend. We still have some 3kg and smaller containers left from last year so come and get 'em! Not sure how many I am going to fill this year. Also, if you want dandelion honey let me know as the drum will probably crystallize soon so I'll have to fill pretty soon.

I also have some 1kg clover in glass jars, not shown in the photos.
3kg, 1kg, 7kg, 500g

1kg, 500g, 3kg

500g Set

Argh - Technology

I noticed that all of our photos have gone missing from our website, so I am trying to get them back up. I was using an app to automatically push our Facebook posts to the website and it worked for a while but now it seems as if the links to all the photos have broken. I am updating but please be patient with me!