Monday 18 July 2011

2011 Prices & Availability

The season is a bit late this year and we are not yet extracting. We anticipate having honey available near the middle of August, about two weeks later than other years.

As usual, we will be delivering pre-orders to the HLSA Not Back to School Picnic in Edmonton in September so for those homeschoolers who would like to receive their honey then, please let me know in advance.

Our prices for the 2011 season are as follows:

     7 kg    $37.00
     3 kg    $21.00
     1 kg    $  8.50
     500 g  $  5.25

*Note. Honey prices have been revised based on current market conditions. August 6, 2011.

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Summer 2011

Well, the long winter is finally over and summer is well underway. Like many other beekeepers, this winter was hard on our bees and we started the spring short many hives. We have spent the last few months building our hives back up again and things are looking hopeful for this honey season.

The sweet clover is blooming and the alfalfa and field clovers are flowering like crazy, so the bees are busy.

In any case, we will lovely fresh honey to sell in a few short weeks. Stay tuned for info on when our farm-gate sales will be open again!