Monday 9 September 2019

Hello Local Market

Come see us Saturday September 14th !!!  We still have some dandelion honey, not much though...

Corn dog?

This was the coolest thing I saw this year.  My first thought was a corn dog!  Beautiful golden Italian bees on a fence post.  Funny that week I got calls for 3 swarms, two that night and a fourth I found myself.  I could not get the other swarm that night as it wasn't actually a swarm. They had been nesting in a BBQ for the summer.  I did not think I had a chance of recovering them.  These ones I scooped off the post but unfortunately I either missed the queen, killed the queen or she wasn't there (they had been there for two days).  I ended up shaking them out of the box when it became clear they had no queen.