Monday, 9 September 2019

Hello Local Market

Come see us Saturday September 14th !!!  We still have some dandelion honey, not much though...

Corn dog?

This was the coolest thing I saw this year.  My first thought was a corn dog!  Beautiful golden Italian bees on a fence post.  Funny that week I got calls for 3 swarms, two that night and a fourth I found myself.  I could not get the other swarm that night as it wasn't actually a swarm. They had been nesting in a BBQ for the summer.  I did not think I had a chance of recovering them.  These ones I scooped off the post but unfortunately I either missed the queen, killed the queen or she wasn't there (they had been there for two days).  I ended up shaking them out of the box when it became clear they had no queen.

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Hello Local Market in Leduc.

Come see us Saturday June 15th and cross your fingers for warm weather!!!

We have brought NEW Dandelion honey!!!! Harvested yesterday! Can't really get any fresher than that. A bright  golden yellow (like the flower) it packs a bit more ooomph in flavour than clover blends.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Monday, 9 July 2018

Who ever thought I would be raising insects?

This year, I'm working on raising more hives using nucs (a small hive). I have been grafting sporadically for the last few years with wild variations on success.  This year I made an effort and can reliably get 25+ out of 30 grafts.  Its all in how you set up your cell rearing box.  It has to be overflowing with bees and have lots of food.  I know this and was taught this by other beekeepers, but for one reason or another didn't always do it.  One year a virgin queen found my box and the bees destroyed all my frames of cells. They have a queen, why raise another? Figured it out when she mated and started to lay.

I have been using the extra queen cells to replace older or just plain crappy queens and hives that have gone queen less for some reason.  Its July and I have found a couple of queen less ones.  Luckily I have a queen for them!  Course I wonder how many I have not found...

Made up just over 40 nucs this year (some in the picture) and will see if I can winter them.  Next year I will work on getting more so that I can try to reduce my dependence on foreign queens.  This is my test year to work out the details.  I would like to start earlier and only my few early ones have a mated queen.  All the rain is slowing down the mating. But, I can't resist and have poked at them to see that the queen was released (all but one) and found a virgin running around in one.  That's positive!  I need to wait for next week to be sure what is going on.  Queens can be mated anywhere from 10 days if all is super ideal to 20+ days.  With the rain, I am certainly not on the 10 day schedule.