Thursday, 16 July 2020

July 2020 Dandelion Honey Ready

2020 dandelion honey is packaged and ready to go!  We have not begun extracting the main crop yet but still have an inventory of clover blend honey left. For pricing click on the 2020 Price list link on the top left (the text).  We come in to Edmonton every now and then (seems like once a week) and can arrange for a pick up if given time.  Farm gate sales are still going on if you would like to have a drive.
Has not been stellar year so far, but we have mostly managed to get out to the bees.  Some yards have required a bit of walking to get into as the fields are too wet to drive on.  A couple are running on the edge as they are a bit too far for me to walk into with equipment and have had minimal attention this spring.  Really just means that I may not be able to capture all the honey they could produce if I can't get extra honey boxes ('supers' they are called) on them in time.

Just ahead of the rain

No chance of driving in

Monday, 9 September 2019

Hello Local Market

Come see us Saturday September 14th !!!  We still have some dandelion honey, not much though...

Corn dog?

This was the coolest thing I saw this year.  My first thought was a corn dog!  Beautiful golden Italian bees on a fence post.  Funny that week I got calls for 3 swarms, two that night and a fourth I found myself.  I could not get the other swarm that night as it wasn't actually a swarm. They had been nesting in a BBQ for the summer.  I did not think I had a chance of recovering them.  These ones I scooped off the post but unfortunately I either missed the queen, killed the queen or she wasn't there (they had been there for two days).  I ended up shaking them out of the box when it became clear they had no queen.

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Hello Local Market in Leduc.

Come see us Saturday June 15th and cross your fingers for warm weather!!!

We have brought NEW Dandelion honey!!!! Harvested yesterday! Can't really get any fresher than that. A bright  golden yellow (like the flower) it packs a bit more ooomph in flavour than clover blends.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019