Saturday 19 August 2017


We have filled the 7 kg pails and I'm filling the smaller containers this weekend. We still have some 3kg and smaller containers left from last year so come and get 'em! Not sure how many I am going to fill this year. Also, if you want dandelion honey let me know as the drum will probably crystallize soon so I'll have to fill pretty soon.

I also have some 1kg clover in glass jars, not shown in the photos.
3kg, 1kg, 7kg, 500g

1kg, 500g, 3kg

500g Set

Argh - Technology

I noticed that all of our photos have gone missing from our website, so I am trying to get them back up. I was using an app to automatically push our Facebook posts to the website and it worked for a while but now it seems as if the links to all the photos have broken. I am updating but please be patient with me!


Thursday 29 June 2017

News Update!

Every year has a new twist. This year we have rain and more rain. Made it hard to get at some of the yards this spring. But been dodging showers and getting ready for the summer flowers. Couple of bears getting a taste of honey unfortunately. Had to set up some more fences. Better not be any more as we have used up all our electric fencers... from Modeste Creek Honey

Tuesday 25 April 2017

News Update!

Wow, quite the spring so far... Bit behind the eight ball with the wet. Impossible to get in to see the bees and unwrap some of them. Had to delay my new queens as I am not close to making up splits let alone getting the bee truck out on some of the fields. from Modeste Creek Honey