Friday 9 August 2013

Summer 2013

Well, we are well into the extracting season and the summer seems to be following the winter in terms of personality as well as everything else. It seemed like it would start off just fine, but lately it has been grey and cold and the flowers are not as plentiful as one would hope.

But the honey is still coming in and we should be filling pails next week! Let us know what you need for honey this year or just stop by once we're ready. I'll put up a post once we are open for sales. I think it will probably be around the 23rd of August.

Most beekeepers in Alberta are having much lower yields than other years, mainly due to the weather and the slow spring. Wholesale prices are up quite a bit this year, about 30% to 40% it looks like.

The bumblebees are all over the goldenrod right now. They don't mind the chillier evenings and they start earlier in the day than honey bees as well.

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  1. I was told, that summer is not the best season of honey. Most of people gather honey during Autumn. I would like to know, whether is it true or not?


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